Entrance Requirements

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**New entrance requirements effective September 2023**

Eligible applicants must meet the general admission requirements of UBC and complete ALL of the prerequisite courses (or be in the process of completing them at the time of application) from one of the two entry categories listed below. Please note that meeting the admission criteria does not imply or guarantee admission.

Students enter the BMLSc Program at Year 3 and complete two years of study.

Undergraduate Route

Undergraduate students and degree holders must complete the following UBC courses (or their equivalents at another institution) prior to entry to the B.M.L.Sc. program:

Students applying for admission directly from secondary schools are not eligible for admission to the B.M.L.Sc. program. Secondary school students should first apply to a relevant UBC program, complete the requirements listed for Undergraduate Route, then apply to the B.M.L.Sc. program during their second year of studies.

 UBC VancouverUBC Okanagan
 First-year level courses:First-year level courses:
EnglishCommunication Requirement1Communication Requirement1
ChemistryCHEM 111 or CHEM 1212CHEM 121+123 or 111+113
CHEM 1232
BiologyBIOL 112 and BIOL 1212BIOL 116+125
Mathematics6 credits 100-level courses2,3 approved for credit in the Faculty of Science
(consult Credit Exclusion List)
6 credits first year level
Physics3 credits 100-level2; PHYS 131 strongly recommendedPHYS 112+122 or 111+102
 Second-year level courses:Second-year level courses:
Cell BiologyBIOL 200BIOL 200 or BIOL 265
BiochemistryBIOL 201BIOC 304 or BIOL 311
Organic ChemistryCHEM 233 and CHEM 235 or CHEM 203, CHEM 213 and CHEM 245CHEM 203+204 or 213+214
MicrobiologyMICB 3 credits second-year level; MICB 212 recommendedBIOL 228
Arts electives6 credits – any year level46 credits – any year level4
Chemical AnalysisCHEM 211 is not required for program admission but it is strongly recommended that students complete it prior to entry. Note this course is a degree requirement.
1A total of 6 credits of coursework is required to meet the Communication Requirement. For a full list of acceptable courses see Science Communication Requirement.
2The chemistry, biology, math, and physics requirements may be fulfilled with SCIE 001.
3MATH 180 or 184 or 120 or 110 may contribute 3 credits towards this requirement. Consult the Faculty of Science Credit Exclusion List.
4Arts electives include most humanities and social science subject areas offered by the Faculty of Arts, excluding ENGL courses used to satisfy the Communication Requirement.

Medical Laboratory Technologist Route

Applicants must have the following:

  1. completion of the Medical Laboratory Technologist (general) diploma of the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) or an equivalent diploma, plus
  2. completion of UBC CHEM 233 and 235 or CHEM 203, 213 and CHEM 245 (Organic Chemistry)
  3. UBC CHEM 211 is not required but is strongly recommended for program admission. Note this course is a degree requirement.

For more information about medical laboratory technologists (MLTs) and existing MLT training programs, visit our FAQ section.

Information on course equivalents at B.C. Colleges and Universities may be obtained from the BC Transfer Guide.