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A Typical Day in The Life of a BMLSc Student

Hear what a typical day was like for BMLSc graduate, and current UBC PaLM PhD student, Jennifer Cooper, when she was in 3rd year of BMLSc (2018).

Testimonials From BMLSc Graduates

“The small class size provided for an enriching and rewarding experience. The BMLSc Program is excellent preparation and academic background for medicine, my current career.” — Ananta

“I enjoyed the diverse group of instructors, which allowed us to network with amazing researchers/ instructors and learn about their cutting-edge research.” — Jason

“The program gave me a well-rounded background to pursue anything that I want… with the background that I have now I am sure I will be able to do just that.” — Tafline

“I especially enjoyed the curriculum and the small class size. I feel fortunate to have been in this program; not only did I make great friends, I also got to meet a lot of faculty members…I don’t believe there is any undergrad program like this at UBC. It was a great experience.” — Elsie

“I’ve gained a lot of knowledge regarding medical care for patients from many of the courses… I was able to improve my team/group skills, which is valued in any profession, especially in healthcare.” — Harwinder

“I really appreciate all the staff for their passion for the program and their thoughtfulness for the students. It has made the 2 years of study enjoyable and meaningful.” — Winnie

“I learned not only theoretical knowledge and technical skills, but also a lot about myself. I was challenged to balance my study time, work in groups, think critically and be an effective teacher. I was given the opportunity to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses and because of that, I feel I have grown…” — Krista

“The BMLSc Program gave me a skill set that is a solid foundation for graduate studies and the working world. It helped teach me how to be a critical thinker, as well as giving me a broad knowledge base.” — Challayne

Diversity of a Medical Laboratory Science Degree

Alumni Lily Takeuchi shares her perspective on how the BMLSc program had the perfect blend of her science interests. Find out how she conducted cancer research during her undergrad, and has continued onto grad school in the Faculty of Medicine.

BMLSc Alumni Profiles

You can visit UBC’s Faculty of Medicine alumni profile page to find more of our amazing graduates, to hear their thoughts and to learn about their post BMLSc journeys!